They Shine Here

Walter Suhr House of Blues Walter Suhr

For nearly 25 years, Walter Suhr ’89 has been making the citizens of Houston dance to the rhythms of his band, Mango Punch! The band and its music reflect the diversity of Houston as the musicians play music from the 40s and 50s, the top 40 charts, Cumbia and Latin music. Continue reading

Sheila Long Armstrong Sheila Long Armstrong

Sheila Long Armstrong, class of 1963, comes from a family of dreamers who act on their dreams. They start things—big things. Armstrong has a Barnes & Noble bestseller in its 15th printing this fall—“The Little Book of Etiquette, Tips on Socially Correct Dining.” Continue reading

Mary Beth Yount Mary Beth Yount

UST alumna Mary Beth (née Hahn) Yount ’01 has been chosen as director of content and programming for the 8th World Meeting of Families–Philadelphia in September 2015, which is expected to include a visit from Pope Francis. Continue reading

Shine at UST TV Commercials.

Watch the commercials below to see how a quality education at the University of St. Thomas prepares students for success in their post-graduate lives. UST students shine in the community every day.