Jonathan Cruz

Jonathan Cruz

Grand Knight Leads Young Men in Catholic Traditions

Organizing meetings for the Knights of Columbus, participating in events with Celts for Life and leading a Bible study for the Fellowship of Catholic University Students is all in a day’s work for junior Jonathan Cruz. As the Grand Knight of the University of St. Thomas Knights of Columbus, Cruz believes he must reach out to students on all levels to impact the campus community.

“Every day is a crazy day for me, but I love it,” Cruz said. “I want to strengthen our Catholic University and get all the men to help. The Knights need to participate in lots of groups and host events to bring the council to a higher level.”

The Knights of Columbus is the world’s largest Catholic lay organization. It provides members and their families with volunteer opportunities in service to the Catholic Church, their communities, families and young people.

Cruz transferred to UST from Houston Community College in 2011. As a third-degree knight of the Rev. Vincent Guinan Council #13940, Cruz’s fellow knights include University President Dr. Robert Ivany and Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, the Archbishop of Galveston-Houston. Cruz said it’s great to have these examples on the campus because the makeup of a college council is so different. In October 2009, the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus awarded Council #13940 the prestigious Double Star Council award.

“In a church chapter, you have a lot more members,” Cruz said. “On a college campus, we have a lot more individual responsibility to reach out to the students.”

Cruz said young men have the ability to lay the foundation for the Knights.

“You can see the growth from young men to older men in the Church,” Cruz said. “We grow in our faith, perform charity and work with families like the Church teaches us. It’s good to start young. Later, we can look to the older men in parish churches for the wisdom to pass down as we develop.”

Commuting daily from Sugar Land with his younger brother Austin, who is the president of Celts for Life, Cruz and his brother feel privileged to hold leadership positions. As a first-generation college student, Cruz said he strives to make his father proud by achieving success to the highest degree as a faith-filled man.

“I wanted to do something to effect change at St. Thomas,” Cruz said. “The Knights look for men that love the Catholic faith and faithfully spread the message.”

To further help the community, Cruz plans to go into the medical profession.

Visit for more information about the Knights of Columbus.

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