Walter Suhr

Alumnus Feels the Beat with Music Career

For nearly 25 years, Walter Suhr ’89 has been making the citizens of Houston dance to the rhythms his band, Mango Punch!, has produced. The band and its music reflect the diversity of Houston as the musicians play music from the 40s and 50s, the top 40 charts, Cumbia and Latin music. Recently, they have added Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars to their repertoire of more than 200 songs. Continue Reading

Sheila Long Armstrong

Etiquette Author is Meant for Great Things

Sheila Long Armstrong, class of 1963, comes from a family of dreamers who act on their dreams. They start things—big things. Her great-great grandfather founded The London Times. Her grandfather helped to perfect the ice machine and later had a significant hand in assisting Howard Hughes to fine tune the drilling bit. Continue Reading
Sheila Long Armstrong

Mary Beth Yount

Alumna Directs Program for World Meeting of Families

A UST alumna, Mary Beth (née Hahn) Yount ’01, has been chosen as director of content and programming for the Eighth World Meeting of Families–Philadelphia, which will be held for the first time in the United States in September 2015, and is expected to include a visit from Pope Francis. Continue Reading

John Ruff

Ruff Dreams Big with ScribeSense

For John Ruff ’12, his success can be attributed to what he calls grit, or the ability to keep moving forward when the going gets tough. Grit is what brought him to the University of St. Thomas from his hometown in Minnesota. Grit is what allowed him to suffer through the Houston heat and endure long hours of soccer training, a sport he started playing his senior year of high school. Grit is what helped him make it through the hours of grading papers as a schoolteacher with Teach for America, and grit is what helped Ruff and the ScribeSense team present and win at the Dream Big America competition this past February. Continue Reading
John Ruff

Lukas Simon

Alumnus Applies Bioinformatics to Breast Cancer Research

Lukas Simon ’11 was known on the University of St. Thomas campus as a star goalie for the men’s soccer team. Now, after earning a bachelor’s in bioinformatics from UST, he is a Ph.D. candidate in biomedical sciences at Baylor College of Medicine. Continue Reading
Lukas Simon

Flor Dimassi

Alumna's Translation Co. Earns HBJ Honors

Flor Dimassi’s father wanted her to learn the value of things, so when his daughter asked for a car, he told her no. Today, the 1992 international studies graduate and founder of a company recognized by the Houston Business Journal as one of the city’s fastest growing woman-owned businesses is grateful to him and UST for “making me who I am.” Continue Reading

Jamie Rezanour

Actress Takes the Stage in the Big Apple In New York City, the theatrical scene is so large and competitive that a professional actor could go to several auditions every day and never land a part. Such is not the experience of 2004 drama graduate Jamie Rezanour. She has been demonstrating her acting chops in the Big Apple for a year, landed a job following one of her first auditions there, and is presently in yet another paying production—this one with Epic Theatre Ensemble at Culture Project. Continue Reading
Jamie Rezanour in You Can Never Tell

Jacqueline Hess

Combat Medic Seeks Adrenaline of Trauma Nursing

Jacqueline Hess felt the full force of adrenalin’s mind-blocking, sweaty, heart-racing effects after her first experience working in a military medical trauma setting.  She was hooked. After an eight-year stint as a U.S. Air Force combat medic, Hess is now a pre-nursing student at the University of St. Thomas, pursuing her goal to be a trauma nurse. Continue Reading
Jacqueline Hess

Robert Cooper

UST Built a Better Bob

As if it were the door to a magical masterpiece-making machine, Robert Cooper entered UST in 1977 and came out the other side forever changed.  Once painfully shy, the multi-talented Cooper emerged as an outgoing individual determined to reach his goals and share his secrets to success with college students around the country. Continue Reading
Robert Cooper

Anthony Calleo

Calleo and the Philosophy of Gourmet Pizza

At Pi Pizza Truck, they pride themselves in doing food different. Unusual? Yes. Strange? Sometimes. Delicious? Absolutely. With toppings ranging from Spanish-style chorizo, caramelized onions and manchego cheese on The Spaniard pizza to arugula, Riesling and vanilla bean poached pears with Gorgonzola dolce and mozzarella on The Socialite pizza, Pi Pizza Truck is certainly a rising star in Houston’s growing food truck scene. Continue Reading
Anthony Calleo and Pi Pizza Truck

Josephine Firat

Biz Whiz Becomes Umbrella Empress and More

Ever fashionably prepared for a rainy day, Josephine Firat, a University of St. Thomas alumna with multiple business degrees, is the founder of UZO Umbrellas, just one of the thriving enterprises she leads. She is making a splash in business. Continue Reading

Jose Bolivar

SGA President Bolivar Selected for Hesselbein Leadership Institute

Jose Bolivar’s sense of service can be traced back to his upbringing and Catholic values — it was always important that he love thy neighbors. This idea of service is something that never left him. With hard work and passion, Bolivar transformed his service into leadership and was recognized by the Hesselbein Institute for his influence on the UST community. Continue Reading
Jose Bolivar

Goldie Ramos

UST Nursing Student Gets Hands-On Experience in Holistic Health Care

In senior Goldie Ramos’ nursing courses, she gets hands-on experience with a pregnant patient Noelle. Through signs such as increased heart rate, blood pressure and words like “I’m feeling dizzy,” Ramos learns if Noelle is about to hemorrhage or about to deliver. But Noelle is not a human patient – she’s a high-tech manikin in the University of St. Thomas’ Nursing Simulation Lab. Continue Reading