Ronald Mendez

Foreign Service Officer Learns About Middle East Firsthand

As the U.S. Government closed embassies in the Middle East and evacuated personnel this summer in response to terrorist threats in the region, alumnus Ron Mendez left Yemen on Aug. 6 with only a backpack. Continue Reading
Ron Mendez

Jennifer Osorio


How many environmental studies undergraduates are invited to present their research at a conference of professional scientists? Not many. But Jennifer Osorio joined the ranks of those select few as she reported to the fall 2012 regional gathering of the American Chemical Society in Baton Rouge, La.

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Elizabeth Glassman


For her efforts to increase French appreciation for American art, Elizabeth Glassman, MBA ’89, was recently awarded the French Medal of Honor and named Officier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, an honor bestowed by the French government in recognition of “eminent artists and writers, and people who have contributed significantly to furthering the arts in France and throughout the world.”

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Kendall Niemann

Student Finds Chemistry with Engineering Program

Kendall Niemann, a junior in the Cooperative Engineering Program at the University of St. Thomas, has her sights set on becoming a chemical engineer. She chose chemical engineering because chemistry has always been her favorite science and because of the breadth of career options available in engineering.

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Amalia Torres

Family First for Journalist Turned Nurse

University of St. Thomas nursing student Amalia Torres is a long way from her native Colombia. After leaving her home country to pursue a career in journalism, her life has taken a few turns, and has led her to the field of nursing. Continue Reading

Ron Hartgrove


At the age of eight, Ron Hartgrove was already working in the family jewelry business—his then creative, but disciplined, playground of sorts. Since then, the 1974 fine arts graduate has mastered the mix of business and art. Hartgrove leads two corporations, holds numerous lucrative patents in the jewelry business and has won several national and international awards for jewelry design. Four of his abstract paintings are part of The Menil Collection. Recently, he completed his first novel.

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Troy Bassiri

Pre-Med Biology Major Aims for the Heart

Troy Bassiri, senior pre-med biology major at the University of St. Thomas, wants to be a cardiologist. It is a challenging journey that includes 11 more years of schooling, but Bassiri is dedicated to his vocation. His journey is leading toward four years of medical school, a four-year residency, and a three-year fellowship, to specialize in cardiology. While this scholarly pursuit may frighten most people, Bassiri is genuinely excited to continue learning.

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Pat Mulvey

$1B Fundraiser Applies Social Sciences to Benefit Cancer Center

When Pat Mulvey, ’72, earned his bachelor’s degree in liberal arts, with an emphasis on sociology and psychology, he never imagined becoming a fundraiser.

He certainly never dreamed of leading a team of 120 development professionals to raise more than $1 billion for The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center – now the No. 1 cancer center in the world.

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Shirley Paul

Volleyball Player Sets Sight on Vet School

On the volleyball court, junior Shirley Paul wears a different color jersey to set her apart as the best defender on the team. Paul is a libero, a key defensive specialist, on the University of St. Thomas women’s volleyball team. See a video about Paul’s experience as a volleyball player.

Despite competing in a demanding sport, Paul still finds time to tackle her heavy academic workload, volunteer with the Houston SPCA and spend time with her family. In everyday life, Shirley might as well wear the different color jersey – she stands out among the crowd.

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Jason Tolbert

Liberal Arts Degree Impacts Innovation at Microsoft

Can a liberal arts education from the University of St. Thomas contribute to success in one of the world’s hottest technology companies? Alumnus Jason Tolbert answers with an unqualified yes.

And the English major who graduated in 1993 is in a position to speak with authority. His job title is Director of Enterprise Partners at Microsoft Corp. Yes, that Microsoft.

Tolbert’s group is responsible for helping to create Microsoft’s sales strategy and aligning it with those of its 20 global partners.

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Monica Hatcher

Catholic Worker Seeks Success in Serving the Poor

For many people, the path to success means climbing the corporate ladder and working to make more money, with little concern for the community.

For Monica Hatcher, ’98, a UST theology alumna and student in the Master of Arts in Faith and Culture program, her life has a new focus. After working for seven years as a professional journalist, including at the Miami Herald and the Houston Chronicle, she now lives and works at Casa Juan Diego’s house of hospitality serving immigrant women and children, especially women who are battered, pregnant, homeless or seriously ill.

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Elena Petre

Social Entrepreneurship Empowers Through Pennies

For women making honey, producing cloth or growing habanero chilies for hot sauce in impoverished developing countries, even a few hundred dollars can make a difference. Sophomore Elena Petre helps business owners through micro-loans from the student-run Social Entrepreneurship Program.

SEP is a service-learning program and a registered non-profit under the umbrella of the University of St. Thomas and the Center for International Studies.

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Jonathan Cruz

Grand Knight Leads Young Men in Catholic Traditions

Organizing meetings for the Knights of Columbus, participating in events with Celts for Life and leading a Bible study for the Fellowship of Catholic University Students is all in a day’s work for junior Jonathan Cruz. As the Grand Knight of the University of St. Thomas Knights of Columbus, Cruz believes he must reach out to students on all levels to impact the campus community.

“Every day is a crazy day for me, but I love it,” Cruz said. “I want to strengthen our Catholic University and get all the men to help. The Knights need to participate in lots of groups and host events to bring the council to a higher level.”

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